Spectrum Care - Kimmer Collison-Ris, MSN, FNP-BC, WOCN, MS CAM

This is an Integrative and Nutritional Medicine consulting practice that individualizes care while keeping healthcare affordableI believe you are unique and your  care should be individualized, not impersonal, or rushed. 
Kimmer specializes in a wide range of healthcare services: colds, flus, chronic health problems, skin or wound problems, ostomy care, sports physicals, adolescent health, Travel Medicine, Learning problems, "Autism Spectrum Disorders", Firbromyalgia or stress issues; the atmosphere is low key and relaxed.

Can you ask for natural health approaches if available? YES!
Can you stick with traditional medicine care? YES!
Is it possible to get both natural and prescription services
? YES!
Can you get non-pressured vaccine advice & patient specific recommendations? YES!
Is there help for my moody, depressed, or hyperactive child? Yes!
Will you bill my insurance? No, payments are made at time of service.

You can submit the statement to your insurance company for out of network provider reimbursement.

Can I get urgent care or stitches here? No, please use a walk-in clinic.
Patients can request appointments by email or voice message. kimmerfnpc@kimmercare.org  or booked with me, Kimmer Collison-Ris, a Master's prepared, Advanced Family Nurse Practitioner at (425) 210-4187
(I do not respond to TEXTS).
Kimmer offers pre-arranged appointments during the week.

Are you an established patient concerned about a problem?
Purchase by Paypal  a phone, email, or skype service (starting at $15.00/for the first 5 minutes, $10.00 per/5 minutes thereafter)to get a timely consult.

Kimmer aims to provide you with personalized, high quality, affordable healthcare. She tries to create a relaxed and calm environment.  No double-booked exam rooms. No quick  "10 minute" appointments.  This is great  for "squirmy, high energy or shy kids" or complex situations. Get started by downloading our patient questionnaire forms and email them
the appointment to save you time and money. These forms will be
added to your electronic medical record

To keep costs low, Kimmer does not bill insurance and will refer you to an outside lab for tests if necessary. Payments are made up front and range from $120.00 hr (students & seniors) to $150.00 hr.  Phone consults, Skype assessments, emails, and phone follow-up all are about the cost of a copay for established patients. 

Have a family provider but desire specialty consultation and care planning?  No problem, Kimmer can coordinate care at an affordable price and give you a statement to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Most people like the convenient online PAYPAL feature that keeps their credit/debit numbers safe & secure located in the Online payments section. Requests for medical records, labs, visits, travel kits, or prescription refills must be paid in advance (please allow for 48-72 hours).