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Spectrum Care - Kimmer Collison-Ris, MSN, FNP-BC, WOCN, MS CAM
Costs/Pay for services
For your convenience, these services can be paid for online --for just a small handling fee--using PayPal (whether you are signed up for PayPal or not). Here you can purchase medical visits & consultation services conveniently, and still maintain safety and security. 
Medical Phone Consult 5 min
Need qualified health/medical advice? Professional services are billed for 10-15 min.
Price: $25.00
Returning Child/adult 15 min Medical visit
This medical visit is designed for follow up visits and one health problem. Not intended for new patients. If your visit extends into 20 minutes, you are charged $10.00 extra per 5 minute increments.
Price: $60.00
25 min Child/Adult Medical visit
This moderate visit is designed for brief initial visits and follow up visits involving 1 or 2 health problems or sports exams and well child checks or complex health problems (like Diabetes or Blood Pressure).
Price: $75.00
45 min Child/Adult Medical Visit
This visit is intended for new patients and physical exams. It is also common for complex medical problems involving referrals and coordination of care with other health providers. It can also be used wellness exams and lifestyle modifications.
Price: $100.00
60 min Child visit
This visit is designed for consultation on complex medical issues and coordination of care with other health professionals and health agencies. May involve a referral to another provider.
Price: $120.00
New Patient adult visit-1 hour
Initial appointments take extra time and paperwork. This visit includes history, exam, health advise, & prescriptions. Time beyond this is added to this charge.
Price: $175.00
Extra time $10/per 5 min
Feel like you need a little more time but don't need the next visit level? No worries, time is calculated by rounding up to the next 5 minute increment.
Price: $10.00
Test Interpretation
After your office visit, you may have lab work or xrays performed. Your provider will assess the results and phone or email you for follow up information. This will be added onto the amount of your office visit.
Price: $35.00
Wellness/LIfestyle Coaching -30 min
Get expert individualized health coaching on anything you want: nutrition, supplement, and Health Coaching can occur at the gym for a personal workout or advice via phone & email are available.
Price: $60.00
Adolescent sports exams -60 min
Students get a thorough exam which includes an evaluation of heart & lungs after stair climbing, running, jumping, ect...This exam is thorough and a deal--includes most paperwork.
Price: $125.00
Student Health Exam-45 min
Health Exam for students in elementary school through college. This exam includes wellness counseling and form completion for schools, sports clearance, or travel clearance.
Price: $100.00
Prescription Renewals (up to 2)
Some refills don't need an office visit. Others occur because you forget or the pharmacy won't renew your prescription without speaking with your provider. In any case, a cost (1-2 per occurrencee) will be charged to you for your provider's time. Each additional prescription per person, after 2 each, will cost $10.00 extra.
Price: $25.00
Housecall up to 60 min
Too sick to come in? A housecall can be made within 1/2 hour of the Lynnwood area. Exam approx. 30 min.
Price: $150.00
Medical/paperwork Records
Need to have a form filled out or a letter? Transferring care to anther due to a move or insurance request? Medical records can be sent up to the first 20 pages (additional charges apply for more). Please allow up to 2 weeks after payment.
Price: $25.00
Hourly Legal Consulting
Professional services for advise, project implementation, or chart reviews. These include time via email, phone, Skype, or meeting. Fees to be paid up front before services rendered.
Price: $250.00
Health & Educational Class
Take a health related class with friends or a group on Autism or ADD Management, Learning disorders, Diabetes Management, or Family Healthcare (25.00 each per group of 5)
Price: $125.00