Kimmer Collison-Ris, MSN, FNP-BC, WOCN, MS CAM - Provider Bio
Spectrum Care - Kimmer Collison-Ris, MSN, FNP-BC, WOCN, MS CAM

Kimmer Collison-Risis a licensed family nurse practitioner, integrative medicine specialist, health and wellness coach, digestive wellness expert, and wound, ostomy, continence specialist. She has been a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner since 2002 specializing in the “integrative approach” to prevention, evaluation and treatment of medical problems. Listening, assessing, collaborating, prescribing, coaching, and designing your health and wellness care is Kimmer's primary focus. You deserve affordable high quality custom health care.

Based in Lynnwood, Washington, Kimmer assists clients in her private office or via phone, email and Skype; helping individuals and families struggling with ADD/ADHD and behaviors related to Autism Spectrum Disorders, chronic illness, challenging wounds, weight gain, digestive issues and environmental toxicity.

Kimmer graduated (2002) from Seattle Pacific University with a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Nursing/Family Medicine, from the American College of Healthcare Sciences with a Masters in Complimentary Alternative Medicine and life coaching (2014), from Emory University a certificate as a Wound Ostomy Continence Specialist (1995), and received a graduate certificate from the University of Washington in Autism Studies (2015). She is certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Her clinical specialties include Family Practice Holistic medicine with a focus on adolescent medicine. She is skilled in diabetes management, autism spectrum identification and management, learning assessments, ADD/ADHD diagnosis and management; advanced skin, wound, ostomy, and continence care.  Kimmer offers a unique old fashioned family medicine approach to her clients incorporating traditional, botanical, and nutritional treatments and health and wellness coaching.

Many health issues are related to allergies, sensitivities, environmental assaults, and genetics. Her approach to healing focuses on health and wellness which are influenced by the foods and nutrients you put into your mouth as well as your home/work environment. In the community, she makes Medicare Advantage home visits to seniors helping them find better health through wellness and helps coordinate complex care.

Kimmer teaches clients to find balance in life, work, play, and activity to attain improved physical and emotional health. She helps her patients to access better mental and physical health by discovering what behaviors and environmental influences contribute to illness and fatigue, what foods fuel the body or inflame it leading to pain, low energy, weight gain, depression, anxiety, and irritability. Kimmer gladly collaborates with other health care providers to help her patients attain maximum wellness.

Because ongoing education helps improve Kimmer's delivery of care, she is actively pursuing a doctorate in Functional and Nutritional Medicine.
Kimmer talks Integrative medicine(functional medicine)

It is really the blending of health practices and nutritional approaches with traditional medicine.
"I feel that possessing the knowledge and tools in both approaches allows me to provide the best care for my patients. Traditional medicine offers a variety of lifesaving treatments but falls short in assisting patients with chronic medical conditions.
  Integrated medical care individualizes patient’s unique situations, which may be influenced by their environment and their particular genetic makeup", reports Kimmer.

An Integrative or Functional medical approach individualizes patient care by focusing on restoring balance to a dysfunctional system. This is achieved by strengthening the foundational physiologic processes, and by adjusting the environmental inputs that impair or nurture them. This medical discipline looks at the triggers and mediators that lead to a particular clinical state assessing the environmental factors that influence a patient's genetic design possibly leading to dysfunction or imbalance.

As health care providers we need to be mindful and vocal to pro-mote positive lifestyle changes through education for our own families, patients, employees, school systems, and other institutions. There are many different starting points to accomplish this in our patients, including stress reduction, healthy whole-food diets, and exercise.