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Spectrum Care - Kimmer Collison-Ris, MSN, FNP-BC, WOCN, MS CAM

Types of Services

Health services and consultation are both affordable and comprehensive. We succeeds because her average appointment is 30-60 minutes dedicating time to assess and answer your questions. Whether its to manage your blood pressure, Diabetes, get your cough under control or to obtain lifestyle and dietary changes, your care is personalized.
Kimmer has been specializing in adolescent health, nutritional medicine,and travel medicine(since 2002). Spectrum's adolescent health, sports physicals, and travel medicine services are more comprehensive and competitive than other similar services.
Check out our Popular Holistic Services! 
Want a holistic/natural health approach added to your medical care? No problem! Kimmer integrates complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) into her treatment plans.
Autism Spectrum Disorder Friendly office!

Asthma & Allergy management

Urgent care
Nutritional Medicine
Holistic Health counseling
Prescription renewals
Blood pressure management
Blood pressure nutrition & supplements plan
Diabetes screening
Diabetes prescriptions
Diabetes Nutrition Planning
Cholesterol screening
Thyroid screening
Immunization screening/counseling
Mental Health Screening/Assessment
Mental Health management
Mental Health Natural Medicine Plan

Well-child checks
Child Developmental assessments
Child Growth & Nutrition Plan
Adolescent & Adult health screenings
Sports Physicals (discounted)
Adolescent Natural Health Supplement Plan
Adolescent & Adult learning assessments
Autism Spectrum Nutritional Help
Sensory Integration Health Planning
Physical Exams
Chemical Dependency assessment
Chemical Dependency Screening
Depression/Anxiety Screening & management
Family Stressors Assessment
Anxiety Dietary Management

Specialty Care
Ostomy Appliance Fitting
Ostomy management
Ostomy Dietary Management
Ostomy Skin care
Diaper Rash Treatment
Irritable Gut Management

Scar Treatment
Acne Care 
Eczema Care
Holistic Skin Care Treatments
Minor Burn Treatment
Problem Skin Care
Chronic skin/nails/foot fungus treatment