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Plant based medicines created from blends of scientifically prepared botanicals, produced in the lab to treat a variety of symptoms.

They can be combined to create specific formulas to aid in healing.

-K. Collison-Ris FNP-BC, MS CAM

Botanical Medicine has been around for centuries. Prior to the industrialized world capitalizing on patents for different medicines, physicians and healers have used plants to treat physical health symptoms. Plants combine therapeutic properties with nutritional value aiding the body in healing. They tend to be more gentle on the body, producing less side effects than their synthetic counterparts.

Homeobotanical therapy (aka Dynamic phytotherapy) uses the principals of both botanical medicine and homeopathy. These formulas are created to be blended to treat many symptoms and strengthen the body systems. Homeobotanicals are used worldwide by specially trained natural health providers who only offer them in their offices to clients they have examined.


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Homeobotanicals: A secret wellness weapon!

Written by: Kimmer Collison-Ris, MSN, FNP-BC, WOCN, MS CAM /

Mar 4, 2017 9:15:00 AM

      Are you tired of wading through the overwhelming amount of cold medicine products? Or, maybe you’ve felt guilty about giving your child a popular synthetic allergy medicine, but just didn’t have another option? You’re not alone.

     In years past, our great grandmas would give sage advice on how to keep their families healthy in all seasons. They seemed to know what kinds of herbs to brew, what poultices to make, what foods to feed their kids when they had the crud, and what to slap on that itchy bug bite. Today, that art and science is nearly gone.

     Now, maybe you are that savvy individual who did pay attention to your grandma’s remedies. Perhaps you love all things herbal and homeopathic, and you have a trick or two up your sleeve.

     But, have you heard of homeobotanicals? That is homeobotanical, not homeopathy. Homeobotanicals are plant-based formula extracts that can promote a number of wellness benefits.

     If you’re scratching your head at the word homeobotanical, don’t worry. I’d never heard of homeobotanicals either until I took a course with ACHS. In fact, the first two weeks in class had me slightly confused because the word and concept sounded so similar to homeopathy.

     Homeobotanicals are a combination of both homeopathy and botanical medicine practices. ACHS defines homeobotanicals as, “blended remedies prepared from herbs and then potentized in a homeopathic manner.”

     What’s so great about homeobotanicals is that they were designed to be affordable, integrative health remedies that blend the best of both botanical plants and homeopathic-type concentrates to support a wide variety of imbalances. They were developed in New Zealand to be affordable and address specific wellness challenges so the larger community could benefit from their properties. Additionally, homeobotanicals can be mixed together, are stored easily, and they last a fairly long time.

      As you may already know, homeopathy is based on the idea that “minute doses of remedies, which, when taken in larger doses by healthy people are capable of producing symptoms similar to the disease. It is based on the natural law of healing ‘Similia Similibus Curantur,’ which means ‘like cures like.’”[1]

     Homebotanical science takes that concept, but utilizes plant-based extracts in larger doses. These concentrates are created from plants in the lab and later blended with either pure alcohol or distilled water with glycerin or vinegar-based dilutions to create a formula.

     Conventional cold remedies only attempt to suppress your symptoms, but do not strengthen the body to help it fight off whatever is causing your ailment.

     If you’re congested, have a sore throat, and feel fatigued, there are not many over-the-counter medicines that can help encourage the body’s natural healing abilities. Generally, you just have to wait for your illness to pass through.

     A homeobotanical formula can be created with your symptoms in mind that specifically address your issues. These formulas are ideal because you can mix a few drops in water and take frequently based on how you feel.

I find that when I am feeling run down, I might take several drops of the formula throughout the day with fluids. I found that when I had a severe allergy and wanted to reach for an over-the-counter antihistamine, it left me feeling dehydrated and sluggish, but the homeobotanical allergy concentrate didn’t leave me with any side effects.

     Currently, you can find homeobotanicals through a trained complementary alternative medicine (CAM) professional, and their distribution varies in each country. In the USA, homeobotanicals are classed as dietary supplements and are not intended to take the place of necessary medications.

     I have used homeobotanicals extensively on my family and in my practice as an integrative medicine advanced registered nurse practitioner. I perform a thorough evaluation and exam and determine with my clients what health approaches to take. In addition to dietary and lifestyle modifications, I chose specific formulas to address specific symptoms.

     I’ve also had good luck improving focus, calm, and concentration in my ADD/ADHD and Autism spectrum kids. I have had excellent results adjusting hormone imbalances in young and menopausal women. I have extensively used these to support allergy relief and other ailments, all while maintaining exact records of the distribution, treatment, and effects. I hope to increase awareness about homeobotanicals for use as a gentle therapeutic treatment in a wide variety of conditions.

     If you would like to learn more about these unique plant-based extracts, you’re welcome to take my on-demand CE course about the science and use of homeobotanicals. With over 40 different kinds of formula concentrates, there are a large variety of wellness benefits to be enjoyed.

Homeobotanicals=Dynamic Phytotherapy

Homeobotanicals are plant based formulas that are used in my practice to gently provide nutrition and calm health problems.

How Homeobotanicals can improve healthcare for persons on the Autism Spectrum.

Homeobotanicals are plant based formulas that are used in my practice to gently provide nutrition and calm health problems.

How Homeobotanicals can improve healthcare for persons on the Autism Spectrum.


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