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Anxiety & Related Issues

Anxiety is one of the most commonly reported mental health concerns brought to providers by patients. It has far-reaching effects today including negative self-worth, avoidance behaviors, work productivity, School productivity, social relationship impairments, and substance use issues. Among the anxiety disorders is also obsessive compulsive disorder which incorporates the features of anxiety but has its own unique needs. OCD type disorders can be genetic as is anxiety but can also be the result of trauma or neurological manifestations. Anxiety and OCD management require professional intervention, dietary and nutritional supplementation, lifestyle intervention and changes, and individualized therapy to provide skills to lead a more productive life. Management of these disorders can decrease problems in relationships, work, education, and improve quality of life dramatically. click boxes on this page for links to topics.

Abandonment Anxiety

How to turn off Anxiety

Decrease Panic

Manage Panic



Go easy on yourself, whatever you do today, let it be enough.


What is Anxiety?

6 Causes of Anxiety

Overcome Flight, Fight, or Freeze

You are not your Thoughts

Breaking Anxiety Loop

Overcoming Anxiety abut Anxiety

3 ways to overcome Anxiety

Thought Stopping


Tools Help to Reduce Anxiety

Courage doesn't alway roar. 

Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 

'I will try again tomorrow'.

-Mary Ann Radmacher

10 quick anxiety tips

Take 5 Breathing

How to Stop Cognitive Distortions

Why we tend to be negative

Anxiety & Concentration Issues

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety & Stomach Issues

Social Anxiety Disorder

Avoid 5 things when Anxious

Turn Anxiety into Calm

Anxiety Calming Video

Exercises to Reduce Anxiety

For fast acting relief, try slowing down.

-Lilly Tomlin

8 Anxiety Causing Foods

Natural Anxiety Treatment

Eliminate Stress & Anxiety

Fast Anxiety Release Exercises

Overcoming Negative mindset

Social Media & Mental Health

Social Media Changes the Brain

Social Media's Negative Influences


Nutritional Support for Anxiety & OCD


Inositol Powder helps create the antioxidant Glutathione. Aids in detoxification to protect and decrease Kidney and Liver damage. Crosses the blood brain barrier. Used to improve psychiatric disorders, addictive behaviors,  pediatric bipolar disorder, ADD, anxiety, and depression. Helps relieve respiratory conditions as it breaks up mucous. Boosts brain health by regulating glutamate and replenishing Glutathione. Helps calm  symptoms of stress, anxiety, panic and depression. Supports  brain and digestive function by influencing neurotransmitter signaling.* Effective in double-blind trials as a complimentary intervention for anxiety and OCD  when taken at prescribed doses. Taken in water, sprinkled on food, or eaten as dry powder on a spoon.  Follow your prescriber's doses which will be higher than listed on bottle. Click on picture link.

Daily Essential Nutrients

Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN)is available without a prescription. Used by healthcare professionals worldwide for treating mood and anxiety-related disorders,  bipolar disorder, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, OCD, and anxiety disorders. DEN is a clinical-strength broad-spectrum micronutrient formulation. DEN provides a solid nutritional foundation for optimal brain and body need to performance.* It is backed by independent, peer-reviewed research including double-blind studies. Recommended by health providers worldwide to improve mood, mental clarity, and behavior in clients.* Click on picture link.

Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium glycinate, a mineral supplement, is more easily absorbed in the gut than other magnesium products.  Persons with low serum blood magnesium levels tend to be more nervous, suffer leg cramps, limb numbness and tingling, sleep disturbances, and be more anxious or worried. Magnesium can reduce muscular tension, improve sleep, help with constipation, and decrease tension headaches. This flavorful chewable product is easy to take and easily absorbed in the body, helping to support the nervous system. * (4 tablets = 400 mg).  

Click on picture link.


Botanical Support for Anxiety & OCD


This adaptogen helps with providing a calm. Commonly used for stress. Adaptogens support the ability of an organism to cope with stress and helping to conserve energy. Also is known to lower blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol, boost brain function and help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is anti-inflammatory.

Valerian Root

Useful for providing a sense of calm, also works to decrease nerve pain, and headaches and is extremely useful in initiating sleep at higher doses taken before bed. Helps treat insomnia and reduce nervous tension caused by anxiety.


Self-Help for Anxiety Management


Obsessive Compulsive Disorders click boxes for links

Its like you have two brains--a rational brain and an irrational brain.  

And they're constantly fighting.

-Emily Ford

What is OCD?

OCD Treatment

Myths of OCD

Managing OCD

Pure "O" OCD


Starving OCD

Winning Strategies for OCD

You don't have to learn to control your thoughts; 

you just have to stop letting them control you.


More OCD Info

Intrusive Thoughts & OCD

OCD Symptoms

Uncovering OCD

Fighting OCD

OCD Treatment Part 1

OCD Treatment Part 2

How to Care Less about Thoughts


Calming Tips and Tools click boxes for links

Keep walking through the storm, your rainbow is waiting on the other side.

-Heather Stillufsen

"Fake it till you Make it"

Understanding Body Language

Stop Skin Picking

Thoughts vs Thinking

Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts

Handling Intrusive Thoughts 2

Stopping Intrusive Thoughts

Stop Ruminating Thoughts

Practicing Mindfulness

Being with your Experiences

Bite size mindfulness

Being Present in the Moment


Self-Help Books for OCD click boxes for links

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