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Holistic Approach to Psychiatric Care

The Functional Medicine Tree: represents how our foundation like root imbalances result in symptoms of  body imbalance.  Weak roots influence organ system dysfunction.  Integrative/Functional Medicine seeks to treat the root causes of the tree (person). Instead of just treating the branches and leaves (the person's symptoms) the provider/team seeks to identify imbalances and seeks to restore full health and function to the individual.

Root Causes of Mental Health Issues

Symptoms Highlight Body Imbalance

Poor physical health symptoms literally are the "canary in the coal mine" that indicate the body is greatly out of balance. Symptoms showcase there is something wrong in the body. Functional and integrative Whole Health providers work with the individual to identify root causes of poor health that cause bothersome health symptoms. By seeking to address the root causes, the whole person can be restored to closer health balance.