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The Integrative Psychiatric Difference



Evaluation of conditions

Clinical diagnosis 

Lifestyle prescriptions

Medication Prescription/Management
Laboratory Analysis
Dietary Adjustment & Recommendation
Nutritional/Supplement prescription

Botanical Prescription


Therapist/Substance Use Support as indicated

Future planning


Prescreening & Holistic Interview

Initial 60-minute appointment to review your history, assess your health, determine diagnosis and customize a treatment plan.

Health collaboration

    Collaborative care should always be a partnership. Getting enough time to detail your moods, activity, sleep, and lifestyle are part of the process. Proper prescribing, adjusting, or changing prescription medications & nutritional supplements should not be rushed. Expect regular monthly visits of 25-45 minutes to customize your care.

Lifestyle & Laboratory Assessment

Stress, gut health, hormones, and diet play a large role in your management of your energy, sleep, moods and emotions. Evaluation of your overall health with recommendations to balance these can be invaluable. Thyroid, iron, B & D vitamins, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are often analyzed and adjusted.  

Mood & Focus altering substances

   Despite its popularity during the times, both Cannabis and alcohol impact your moods, either lowering it, increasing anxiety, and impacting your ability to focus and concentrate. Although you might think your dose is low or infrequent, even some of these substances can make a negative impact on your health/moods/focus. Be open to tapering down or off to have the best chance for improvement. 

Why Lifestyle changes matter

We all suffer from being cooped up and attached to the "blue screen". We all could improve our diet and increase our activity. Doing so can improve your moods, anxiety, sleep, and fatigue. Part of good care is aiming to change poor dietary habits, low daily activity, disorganization, low focus/easy distraction and poor concentration. These small changes can increase your overall emotional well-being.

Expertise beyond Dr. Google

    Its common to look up symptoms and try to match them with conditions a​nd treatment.  But despite all of the information available on the interweb, it is limited, not likely specific enough to your situation, and doesn't take the place of a medical license.  Many conditions share overlapping symptoms.  Instead, ask questions, be specific about symptoms, and allow for a thorough investigation to determine your diagnosis and assist your provider to choose your treatment.

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If you have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder or other complicated conditions, we may be refer you to a therapist or other psychiatric specialist.


Kimmer's Previous consultation sites (call for medical records request):

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