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Laboratory Tests & Mental Health

Sometimes checking specific blood levels can be helpful in understanding the psychiatric issues that individuals face. ADHD can be related to low iron stores or neurotransmitter dysfunction. Depression can be related to low vitamin D3 and B12. Anxiety can be caused or worsened by thyroid dysfunction. Under nutrition can contribute to brain fog, ADD like symptoms, depression, and anxiety. Imbalanced hormones can influence anxiety and depression, low energy or poor sleep. 

Jason Health

Jason Health is a company providing a convenient, confidential and reliable way to easily obtain lab tests without requiring a health provider visit. They contract with Quest labs, conveniently located in every major city.

Health insurance is not necessary for purchasing lab tests through Jason Health. Testing is affordable and accessible. If you have health insurance but would be charged high costs against your deductible, this is a better alternative.



Why was this Laboratory Test ordered?


MTHFR Testing is an online resource for clients searching for information about the MTHFR gene mutation and how it can impact health. They created a way to help individuals learn about MTHFR gene mutations, find a qualified health provider, order tests, and obtain genetic reports from raw data from and 23andme (

Their guest writers are well-established health care experts in MTHFR and in specialty areas of medicine. They consist of medical health providers, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists, and psychologists, each sharing their knowledge about how MTHFR can influence an individual's life. The articles include recommendations regarding health, wellness, and diet.

They also include a section for tempting nutrient-rich recipes.


Specialty Tests that relate to Mental Health
(Click photo for ordering link) 

NEW! Oral Microbiome Test

 "Good Health Starts w/a healthy mouth." This test can help identify causes of bad breath, coated tongue, tooth decay, gum inflammation, burning mouth, and other health symptoms. Your mouth, gut, and brain are interconnected. This may be the missing link in body bacteria balance.  

Approx cost $129.00

NEW! ClarityX Medication-DNA Testing Fit

  One Size Doesn't Fit AllFin. d the Right Depression, Anxiety, ADHD. Medications Based on Your DNA. You have genetic variants that impact how you metabolize medications. ClarityX helps identify the best medications based on your unique DNA.

Approx cost $300-$500.00.


The GeneSight Psychotropic test analyzes how your genes may affect your outcomes with medications commonly prescribed to treat depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other mental health conditions. The GeneSight Psychotropic test provides your clinician with information about which medications may require dose adjustments, may be less likely to work for you or may have an increased risk of side effects based on your genetic makeup. Cost varies per insurance company.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Designed for at-hometesting, it measures the body’s immune response to 96 foods as a guide to identify what foods best to avoid. This test identifies IgG Reactivity to 96 Foods. Collection is just a Finger prick sample.  Approx cost $159.00.

Gut Dysbiosis

An "at-home test" (cost approx $159.00) that analyzes your stool to balance the good & bad gut bacteria. Goal is to identify the root cause of symptoms with guidance on best and worse foods to treat your symptoms. Test results will Include:

-Personalized Gut Health Report

-Personalized Nutrition Plan

-Personalized Recommended Probiotics

Cortisol Diurnal Testing

The Diurnal Cortisol Test measures cortisol throughout the day:

1.) Cortisol (morning value)

2.) Cortisol (after 4h)

3.) Cortisol (after 8h)

4.) Cortisol (after 10h)

The stress hormone cortisol is released to varying degrees throughout the day – too high or low values ​​at certain times can lead to exhaustion, tiredness or sleep disorders. Approx cost $129.00

Thyroid Hormone Testing

This at home test measures thyroid hormone levels for the 3 main thyroid hormones (TSH, T3,  T4, and thyroid antibodies) with this comprehensive test. All that is needed is a simple Finger prick sample. Approx Cost $99.00.

Neurotransmitter Testing

Neurotransmitter testing helps provide a clue to explain several neurological or psychological symptoms. This neurotransmitter testing kit, provides information on key neurotransmitter levels that influence an individual's brain health, moods, and behaviors.  Approx cost $329.00.

Home Mold Testing Kit

 Mold Inspection Network DIY Mold Test at Amazon

"This at-home mold kit includes materials to take three surface samples that will be analyzed for no additional cost." The purpose of this kit is to identify the type and concentration of mold organisms. Collect samples, send them off for testing and then wait for the lab results. Consultation with mold experts is included in the price for all U.S. states except Texas. Approx Cost $40.00.

Heavy Metal Testing

A heavy metals test can be used to measure the level of toxic metals that damage the body and nervous system. It uses organic samples—of urine, blood, and hair—to determine dangerous amounts of exposure. Common metals like lead, copper, and cadmium are dangerous in large amounts. High levels of heavy metals found in the body may cause physical problems and weaken the immune system. Immediate exposure can cause symptoms like diarrhea and nausea. 

Approx Cost $199.00.

Check Food Sensitivities/Allergies

Vitagene (Heritage & Nutrition)

Vitagene offers a DNA health testing kit that analyzes your ancestral heritage with a focus on how it affects your personal nutrition and health. Approx cost $139.00.

Complete Hormone Testing Kit

SEX HORMONE TRIO + FULL DAY CORTISOL testing kit is designed to be a comprehensive hormone imbalance test. Testing provides the full picture of an individual's hormone health by measuring their full day cortisol levels plus the trio of the body’s essential sex hormones.

COLLECTION METHOD: Saliva  Approx cost $219.00

Female Hormone Balance Testing

A  comprehensive hormone panel for all women. This hormone level test helps identify how balanced hormones are the body or if imbalances may be contributing to symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, and mood disturbances.  It measures key female hormone levels. Uses finger prick and saliva samples.  Approx cost $199.00.

Private In-home STD Testing

Click the photo to be directed to a company that sells a variety of private in-home Sexually Transmitted Disease Tests. Clients can choose from a variety of kits with varying from simple to comprehensive. Approx Costs $59.00-$399.00.

Covid 19 Home Saliva Test Kit

Vitagene is able to provide at-home COVID-19 saliva testing kits to identify whether individuals are infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These saliva test kits are available to health care providers, local governments, essential businesses, and individual consumers. 

Approx cost $117.00

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