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Whole Person Care

Integrative Medicine & Functional Medicine blends  traditional and naturopathic medicine

These highly educated providers offer more time for personalized, quality, evidence based traditional (and natural) medicine treatments. Utilizing only necessary tests, they help identify your top health issues.

Taking  time to interview you. Thoroughly examining you. Educating about treatments and health care.

Collaborating. Combining both traditional and natural options--to help you regain health balance.


You are a unique person who deserves whole person-centered care.

Whether you have health challenges, persistent low energy, feel overwhelmed by stress, struggle with sadness or anxious moods, want more options for managing ADD/ADHD, or have memory issues...

we can work with you to come up with a customized health plan that works.


Whole-Person Health vs Traditional Care

Whole Person Focused Psychiatric Care

Whole Person focused psychiatric care places the patient at the center of their healthcare and addresses the full spectrum of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect their whole person. You need a provider that has a strong background in Family Medicine,  Nutritional medicine, Functional medicine, and understands influences on psychiatric conditions. Many physical and emotional conditions share similar symptoms and are greatly influenced by nutrition, genetics, and environment. Its not enough to take an online quiz to guess your condition, you need to collaborate with a provider who can help you pinpoint your condition and collaborate with you to find appropriate ways to help you feel your best.

Understanding your  moods and behavior is important. Many individuals struggle to manage their moods and regulate their emotions for a variety of reasons. We work with you to identify natural and traditional support to feel better. Our offices are small and offer a relaxed and caring atmosphere. Our intakes are comprehensive looking at physical health, life stressors, diet, history of abuse and trauma, growth, and development.

Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep are essential for managing stress & emotions. Additionally, we might recommend complimentary holistic practices like Nutritional Medicine, Therapy, DBT, mindfulness, massage or acupuncture to help with your overall health. Acupuncture can help with a variety of conditions including pain management, hormone imbalance, stress reduction, and decrease addiction urges.

The challenges we face today and the environment we work and live in add to our mental stress. These often influence our moods. My goal is to help you feel welcome and comfortable enough to assess your mental health and positively influence your moods and behaviors through coaching, nutrition, and medication management. Gut imbalance, poor lifestyle habits, genetics, poor diet, environmental stressors along with other health issues can cause your Mental Health to deteriorate.

Food allergies, overweight, Diabetes, low immune systems, vaccine questions, mood disorders, ADD, treatment of cold and flues, and past health issues are managed here both traditionally and holistically. Open discussions occur to choose specific medications or supplements and change habits.  You will be screened for Depression, Anxiety, Learning Disorders, Sleep problems, food sensitivities, ADHD/ADD Auditory processing, and sensory issues to help to identify an individualized treatment plan. 


Traditional Care=Poor Health Outcomes

     Today's healthcare visits are anything but personalized. You are lucky to spend 10 minutes with a provider let alone someone who knows you.

      Here your health issues are addressed in a relaxed virtual environment. We discuss your reason for seeking care, things you've tried to feel better, medications and supplements you have tried or on, and what your goals of care are. 

     Together we look at you as a whole person who may be experiencing high stress, have increased work demands, have past or present relationship struggles, and approach care to help improve your symptoms.  The plan is ALWAYS collaborative and flexible with the goal to help you feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

     Medications can be helpful at times, but incorporating a customized plan that includes dietary practices, nutritional support, sleep management, work-life balance, and physical activity will help you achieve maximum benefits. 

Work with a provider who listens

Your initial appointment allows for a detailed interview, a physical exam, medication or supplement recommendations, and a health prescription. It will be both collaborative and educational.

Synergistic Supplements & Medications 

Medications can't replace nutrients lost from poor eating. Many medications cause nutrient losses from the body and require dietary changes or high quality supplements. We often prescribe supplements to improve your health and moods.

Understand the Food-Mood Connection

Healthy food delivers key nutrients to our bodies to be used by our cells to help us fight illness, stress, and keep our moods balanced.

Customized & Balance your 

“I learned to add in 15-30 minute workouts throughout the week. Rotating workout machines toned my muscles and increased my metabolism.”

Whole health=Mood Management 

Imagine a provider who could help you  balance out your moods, anxiety, restlessness, and inattention. Through food, specific supplements, medication recommendations, health coaching, and stress reduction; you can feel better!

Balance your Sleep & Stress 

Sleep is restorative. There are many reasons people get poor sleep which contributes to low moods, anxiety, irritability, lack of focus, and poor concentration. The foods we eat, our environment, and stress play a role in poor sleep. Hormones & stress play a key role in tiredness & poor sleep, learning to get a better night's rest can make a world of difference.
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