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Relationship Resources

These websites are used as resources in my practice. Click on the photos and you'll be linked to a website. All are credible functional & integrative medicine providers who offer tools to assist with understanding personality differences, the impact of mood disorders on relationships, helpful communication tools, and ways to strengthen your relationship. These are topics discussed in individual and couples therapy and don't replace the work you would do with a qualified therapist. 


Understanding & Improving Relationships 

Gottman Therapy

Depression & Relationships

Anxiety & Relationships

ADD & Relationships

Personality Inventory

Enneagram Personality Test

4 Relationship Killers

Recovery 12 Steps

10 Relationship Emotional Needs

Mars Brain, Venus Brain

21 Essential Relationship Skills

Couples Blind Spots

Our Defensive barriers weaken us. 

Practicing Mindfulness is a more effective way to stay healthy.

-Susan Gillis

5 Silent Relationship Killers

When opposites date

Introverts & Extroverts

Sex Drive Differences

5 Love Languages

Making Amends

Habits of Successful Relationship

Healthy Communication

Every interaction leaves an emotional imprint on us.

-Susan Gillis

Post Betrayal Syndrome

Attachment Styles

Why relationships Fail

Abandonment Anxiety

Getting Unstuck

Overcoming Rejection

Improve Love in Relationship

Change your Story, Change your Life

The way to help ourselves is to help establish a relationship and gradually help them.

-Susan Gillis

Healthy vs Unhealthy Love

Intrusive Families

Fix Broken Relationship

Breakups may not Break You

Rebuild in 8 Dates


Conscious Intimacy

Healing Post Betrayal Syndrome


Understanding Attachment Styles

Attachment style Quiz

Attachment Theory

Childhood Attachment impacts adult relationships

Attachment in Love



Attachment Trauma



Relationship Skills

Cultivate Deep Friendships

Learn to Have Fun

Become a good Listener

Enjoy Healthful Lattes

When we are closed we turn others into it...into an object.

-Martin Buber

Learn to Properly Apologize

Too Much Self-Sacrifice

Develop Patience

How to Start Over Together

Recognize Authentic Amends

The Language of an Apology

Overcoming Fear of Rejection

Rebuilding Trust in Broken Relationship


Helpful  Books

In the middle of an argument ask... Do I really want to cause permanent harm to this relationship?

-Susan Gillis

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