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Importance of Daily Routines

Regardless of your previous success with setting up daily routines, research indicates that creating routines decreases stress and enhances your sense of purpose. The lack of routines can cause anxiety, decreased work productivity, decreased personal time, decreased satisfaction in personal relationships, and enhances sleep and physical health.


Think about structuring your schedule like the rotations you used to have in elemetary school. Your day likely started with time to get up, dressed,  eat, walk to school, meet up with friends before the day started, and then line up to transition into the school day. Your day was designed to ease you into work, rotate subjects, take breaks to be be active, time to play and socialize, be creative, and eat while enjoying the company of friends. Teachers knew to have you do quiet calm things after lunch to counteract the energy dip after lunch and hard play. The day included morning and afternoon recess and a long lunch recess. After school there was more play before homework, dinner, visiting and bedtime. The schedule kept you engaged and busy. It also included downtime generally. Chances were, you weren't bothered by the phone, TV, or computer throughout the day. 

If you can structure your day a bit like elementary school, it can help with your focus, productivity, and energy.


Daily Routine Basics

Morning Block-Breakfast

Wake-drink warm fluid, listen to music

Brush Teeth-Hygiene

Stretch or exercise 

walk around the block -(simulates a commute)

Plan for the day-forcast day, week, month

Check emails-start work

schedule rotating blocks of time for work

Midday Block -Lunch



Read, listen to podcast, have conversation

Check emails-return calls, messages, emails
Rotate tasks hourly

Plan for work wind-down, Forcast next day

Evening Block-Dinner

Try to stop work around 6p

Put stuff away and connect with friend
Go for a jog, walk, bike, or workout

Eat light dinner protein, fats, veggies

Drink water/beverage

Play a board game or Read

Cut off screen time by 2h before bed

Bedtime Block-Lights out

Turn down lights several hours before bed

Turn on Amber lights

Avoid screens 1-2 hours before bed

Drink warm fluids-night meds-nutrients

Relax w/podcast or book

Personal Hygiene

Settle into bed-turn off lights


 Improved Daily Nutrition Rituals

Better than Coffee Drink

1/3 cup Bullit Proof Brand coffee (brewed)

1 tsp of OM Masterblend Mushroom Powder 

1 scoop of collagen creamer

1 T MCT oil
6-10 drops of stevia

1/2 cup of non-dairy milk or water

Smoothie Recipe

1 cup plain Kefir
1/2 cup full fat Greek yogurt

1/2 banana
1/2 cup frozen berries or mangos
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
1tsp of collagen powder
1 scoop OM mushroom powder
1 scoop of mixed greens powder

1 T overnight soaked chia seed


Energizing Smoothie

Healthful Lunch Ideas

Taco or Tuna or Salmon Salad
Trader Joes or Market premade salads

wrap sandwich
veggies & hummus

soup & 1/2 Sandwich

Taco stand tacos


Easy Dinner Ideas

1 part protein (salmon, tofu, lamb, chicken, fish, or pork)

2 or 3 parts colorful veggies
1 part rice, quinoa, or sweet potatoes
bed of spinach or mixed greens

PCC or Whole foods premade meals
Sprouts premade dinners

Beverage Ideas

Beverage Ideas

Hot water w/lemon slices

Water w/fizzy vitamin C packet & ice

Sparkling water w/sliced fruit or cucumber

Cranberry or Orange Decaf Sun tea

Clvr Blend nIghtime Latte

Clevr blend Golden Milk 
1 cup of cocoa w/Om powder scoop

Clevr Chai Latte
Decaf Orange Tea w/honey

Quick Snack Ideas

1 cup of berries or melons

1 cup frozen cubed mangos

Hummus & cucumbers, grape tomatoes, olives, carrots
8oz fruit smoothie w/protein powder
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt w/drizzle of honey

Cubed non-cured Meat, Hard Cheese and Rice crackers

Frozen or fresh berries or mangos

1 banana or 1/2 apple or pear w/nut butter
2-3 T assorted fresh nuts & dried fruit

hard boiled eggs


Incorporating Healthy Habits into Daily Routines

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Energizing Smoothie


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