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Meet Kimmer

     Kimmer Collison-Ris, BSN, MSN, FNP-BC, WOCN, MS CAM; is a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner and Integrative/Functional medicine specialist. Known as "The Naturally Wise NP", she has sought additional training as a Complimentary/nutritional medicine expert, health and wellness coach, Autism specialist provider, and whole-health expert.

     She received her BSN, RN (1991), became certified as a WOCN expert (1996), received a Masters of Science in Nursing (Holistic Family/Psych focus 2002), Family Nurse Practitioner board certification (2003), a Masters in Complimentary Alternative Medicine (Nutritional/Functional Medicine  focus 2014), and Autism Theory & Practice Certificate (University of Washington 2015). In 2021 she completed the Integrative Psychiatry fellowship program through the University of Colorado School of Medicine (2020-2021) and working towards completing a psychiatric nurse practitioner certificate and a Doctorate in Health Sciences (Functional Medicine).

     Integrative care includes prevention, evaluation, collaboration, and management of the whole person; addressing physical, nutritional, mental health, and environmental stressors. Care is always evidence-based but customized, focusing on health balance through Traditional, Functional, and Nutritional Medicine Standards. 

     Kimmer's style is relational. She actively collaborates with patients and their families to positively influence mental and physical health. Health plans include stress management, sleep improvement, allergy assessment, hormone balancing, mood regulation, dietary changes, activity improvement, genetic testing, nutritional support and traditional prescriptions.

     Her whole-person centered approach combines traditional medical practice with holistic health practices to improve the patient's overall mental and physical being. Whether its a child, adolescent, or adult care is customized and clinically relevant to improve their health and wellness.


Health Provider Approach

     Kimmer specializes in  the holistic treatment of depression, anxiety; sleep issues, attention, focus & concentration issues;  sleep disturbances, ADHD, and some substance use issues.  She is also trauma-informed. Care is collaborative and not cookie-cutter so keeping an open mind about the process of diagnoses is important. Many conditions have overlapping symptoms and occur together. Filling out and sending in screens contained on this website in advance can help identify problems along with the visit/interview.


     Unfortunately, google screens can give the false impression that you might have a particular condition. While this could be true, Kimmer thoroughly assesses you and collaboratively helps you find the right treatment plan. This generally takes 2-3 visits and assessment will continue and be adjusted over the course of  care. Please plan on seeing her at least monthly unless otherwise directed. 


     All prescriptions filled will be done at our virtual or office visits. On exception, refills are performed outside of office visits for a fee of $25.00 (not billable to your insurance company) to cover provider's time.

Please feel free to ask any questions by emailing



Collaborative Care

Years ago, healthcare delivery was an arrangement between you and your doctor (or nurse practitioner).

Insurance companies did not dictate how much time they could spend with you or what kind of treatments or medicines could be prescribed. Your health provider knew you and your family. They established a relationship with you built on time, trust, and good quality care. They taught you how to care for yourself and your family.  Cost was reasonable and treatments were affordable.


Healthcare is more than a prescription medicine, its finding out what the root cause of your health imbalances are. Its looking at life stressors, genetics,  diet, allergies/sensitivities, hormone balance, sleep, and energy levels.

 A visit should incorporate time to assess these, exam you, collaborate, and come up with a treatment plan.

This is the kind of care you deserve. 

This is the care you need.


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