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Brain Health & Injury Types

Brain health is directly connected to mental health. If your brain is not fed well or has had any kind of injury, it  can result in one of the following issues: anxiety, depression, inattention, irritability, ADHD, and anger. Besides genetic predisposition, imbalances in neurotransmitters can also be the r​esult of poor diet which helps keep these chemicals balanced to help keep your mood elevated.  Click the photos below for video links.


Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries are a major cause of psychiatric problems, but very few people know it

Dr. Daniel Amen


Post Concussion & Head Injuries

Brain SPECT Highlights old and new Brain injuries

Brain SPECT imaging is one of the best tools available to identify areas of the brain hurt by TBI. CT and MRI scans show if there is any damage to the anatomy or structure of your brain, but these scans cannot tell how your brain is functioning. In fact, after a TBI, CT or MRI scans will often appear normal when there is actually functional damage to the brain that can be detected with SPECT. 

-Amen Clinic website

Common Moods post concussion


Whole Health Plan for Brain Healing 



Ways to Heal your Brain after an Injury

Helpful tools for dictating or having online text read to you (to give your brain a rest).


Brain Healthy Foods

Organic Fruits & Brain Health

Let food be your medicine, and medicine by your food



Brain Injury Healing Support


Brain Training Exercises


Helpful Books & Resources

Brain Injury Testimony

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