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Managing Your Symptoms

Feeling better involves overhauling the way you think and respond. It involves lifestyle changes. Means opening up about your mental and emotional obstacles. It can mean getting honest about bad habits and getting support to make positive changes. It can mean taking responsibility for hurting others as a result of your past or pain. It can mean doing the work to learn how to be healthier. Talk therapy has its place. Not all therapy is created equal. Some therapy is designed for specific needs. Some therapy involves homework and evaluating what's working, what's not, and obtaining skills that will help you overcome your challenges. Doing so, will positively impact your relationships and mental health. Below are topics and links that will get you started to growth and healing. As always, this does not take the place of the skills of a qualified therapist. Click on the photos and you'll be linked to 


Grow your Skills


Overcome Struggles