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Eating Issues

Our culture is obsessed with our appearance. The many filters that exist on social media apps to smooth out the texture and color of our skin, improve hair color and texture, apply make up, and decrease body size proves this. Diet culture is prevalent in talk shows, entertainment, fitness books and advertisements. Whether you struggle with starving yourself, forever being on a diet, giving in to your cravings for forbidden foods, or obsess over your appearance, this section is for you. Our body needs the proper fuel to function as does our brain. When we deprive it of key nutrients our moods take a hit, we become anxious or depressed and we struggle to think and function in our work and personal life. 


Healthy Weight Management

Nutritional Balance

Digestive Balance

Eat whole foods

Fasting Blood Sugar 70-88

Adequate Healthy Fats

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid Artificial Foods

Veggies=3/4 Plate

Supplement Wisely

Add MCT oil

Remove Bad Fats

Remove Bad Fats


Smart BMI calculator

Click this link to evaluate your height for weight for age basal metabolic index.


Unhealthy Eating Behaviors

Avoid Alcohol


Binge Eating


When you starve yourself, you feed your demons.


Distorted Body Image

Stress & Adrenal Fatigue

Binge eating & hormones

Bulimia & Mood Swings


Healthy Eating

Diet & Depression

Balanced Exercise


Healthy Eating & Body Image Recovery  Books

You Deserve Recovery and to be at peace. 

You deserve to learn how to be content in your body and in your life.

You deserve to be more carefree and healthy.

Change your Brain...

By Dr. Daniel Amen


By Dr. Joanna McMillan

10-Day Detox Diet


By Dr. Mark Hyman

Food & Mood Cookbook

By Dr. Elizabeth Somer

Eat your Feelings

By Lindsey Smith

The Food Mood Girl's Guide to Transforming Your Emotional Eating 

Eating Disorder Recovery Handbook

By Nicola Davies & Emma Bacon

A comprehensive and practical tool to help not just the individual suffering with an eating disorder, but also families wanting to offer support.

Intuitive Eating

By Evelyn Tribole
 & Elyse Resch ·

A revolutionary program that works. A go-to book on rebuilding a healthy body image and making peace with food.

goodbye ed, hello me

By Jenni Schaefer

Recover from your eating disorder & fall in love with life. Don't Battle an Eating Disorder Forever- Recover from It Completely

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